Wallwisher “an online notice board”

Edjudo ratingsWallwisher allows anyone to set up an online wall in minutes, which can be customised via different themes. A wall is basically the ‘web page’ where people actually post messages. Students, colleagues or friends can then post written text, images, videos or links to your wall in a matter of seconds, without having to log on. There are a few more options like choosing your own wallwisher url, adding a picture and making the wall public for everyone or private for your eyes only. Your wall updates in real time, meaning that anyone else who visits your wall is able to see all posts and contribute themselves.

The edjudo wall below has been embedded into this page. To see the full wall on it’s own page click here, I set it up in under 2 minutes and now anyone can add a message.


  • It’s free and very easy to use
  • You only need to provide a name and email address to make your first wall
  • You can customise your wall and they look simple, but nice.
  • The posts update almost immediately, making it a great collaboration tool
  • You can set up the wall so that posts must be approved before appearing online
  • Many students enjoy communicating via short written messages
  • You can add different types of media into your posts, including photos and videos
  • You can embed the wall into a blog or a website

Ease of use

This website really highlights the capabilities of web 2.0 websites vs a read only web 1.0 site. It’s a very unique idea and the talented programmers behind Wallwisher have done a great job in simplifying everything for us the end user. Setting up your own wall only takes a few minutes. Click on the image below to see how easy it is to set up a wall and then share the url with anyone. The wall looks very basic to begin with little more than a chosen background, but it can soon be filled with a variety of media types posted by others.

    Getting started with Wallwisher

    Click on the image to see how easy it is to make a wall.


Wallwisher is 100% free to use with a very simple sign up / login process.


Unfortunatley there is minimal support for Wallwisher, which often happens when products are made 100% free for anyone to use.There is a FAQs section plus an inactive blog, which at the time of writing this post has not been updated for over 10 months. They also offer an email address where you can contact someone, however the rarely updated blog reports that they have had trouble with their email system and therefore many emails haven’t been recieved.

Overall Rating  4 stars

Wallwisher is a very unique web 2.0 site which is very simple to use, but manages to be very effective as a collaboration tool. The simplicity of the site means it’s suitable for most ages. The flexibility of adding different media types and the fact that the walls update on every screen in real time, make it an ideal teaching tool to use within the classroom and as homework tasks.

Sean Banville has 105 great ideas for using Wallwisher on his blog here

The slideshow below also shows “19 Interesting Ways to Use Wall Wisher.”

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