Using free images for blogs and wikis

When publishing content on your school wiki or blog, it’s important to make sure you have the right to use other people’s images. Taking photos directly from a google search is definitely not good practice and may result in legal issues in the future.

Luckily there are websites that offer images under a creative commons license or provide the use of images with a referral link to the original creator.

Here are a few websites I recommend as a starting point. They all allow you to search and download images without having to sign up. Using any image usually requires you credit the creator and provide a referral link to their work.

Flickr is another good source of images, once you learn how to search for photos which offer the appropriate license.

Search via the link above and select the (see more) link next to the attricution  license.

Flickr search

An Attribution license means you can use the image if you give credit to the creator.

Below is a very handy webpage that gives you an embed code to place flickr images on your wiki or blog, with the appropriate creative commons details attached.


ImageCodr provides flickr embed code and adds the appropriate referral link

If you know of any other good places to find royalty free images that don’t cost an arm and a leg, please share them via the comment box below.

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  1. Hi, Thats a nice list thanks for sharing your input. I wanted to let you know about a fairly new site I came across the other day offering royalty free images Users do have to register for a free account but once joined your free to download and use all the images you want.. For personal and commercial use. But I think if you use one of their images on your site they require a link back…


  1. […] How often do you look for images for classroom projects, presentations, blogs and websites?   But of course you are concerned that you don’t want to use images in your work you may not have permission to use.  Using a search engine like Google to find an image does not tell you whether it is free for your use.  You could use an image search tool such as Flickr (and this post shows how to find images where users have given permission to use them, and also shows tps…. […]