Technology, sports, life – It’s all about balance

I went away for a week over the Easter break with friends. We hired a house, took the golf clubs and bikes down the coast and climbed a small mountain peak walking through the bush. There were no computers used and there was even minimal phone reception.

It made me reflect on how important it is to be able to switch off from technology. I am a big advocate for technology used in education, work and at home but I also acknowledge that sometimes it can be used too often. At the end of the day, like most things it’s all about balance.

lifestyle balance

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Coming from a PE background I really enjoy playing all sports and having a dog at home also gets me outside twice a day taking him for a walk. At the same time I am also really excited and enthusiastic about what can be achieved with technology today and applying technology to teaching and learning.

As more and more lessons go online, encouraging physical activity and teaching about a balanced lifestyle is more important than ever. Subjects like PDHPE (personal development, health and physical education) are pivotal to encouraging a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
However I also really enjoy hearing and seeing that so many physical and health education teachers are implementing technology into their lessons. It’s a reality that computers and the internet are central to most careers and to many people’s lives today. Showing students how technology can be used in an educational and worthwhile way, while also encouraging physical activity and a healthy lifestyle makes sense to me.

I recommend teachers to visit Jarrod Robinson’s informative blog called “The P. E. Geek” about using technology in Physical Education lessons.

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