Grammar Ninja makes learning grammar fun

Grammar Ninja is an excellent educational game, created by Greg Lieberman, which requires students to identify grammar features within a sentence. Students become “the grammar ninja” and they must identify nouns, verbs and adjectives in a sentence, by throwing ninja stars at words. Correct answers allow you to continue, while wrong answers literally explode. It's addictive and great fun. Grammar ninja works really well on an Interactive Whiteboard especially when you turn on the sound. Such … [Read more...]

Great animation about public speaking

This is a great animation for students by curriculumbits,  demonstrating the difference between good and bad public speaking. You can choose to listen to a male or female student give a speech in front of a class. The animated teacher jumps in from time to time giving advice on how the student's speaking can be improved. This is an excellent resource to show on an interactive whiteboard, before a class gives oral presentations. The animated teacher asks questions and pauses waiting for a … [Read more...]