Blabberize “make images speak”

Blabberize allows you to quickly animate any image to make it talk, by simply adding audio and specifying the bottom lip or jaw section. Within minutes you have a talking photo and the novelty factor of this will never wear thin for students. They absolutely love Blabberize. Make a famous person speak, give an animal a voice, even add a mouth to an inanimate object like a hamburger and discuss its nutritional value. The key to utilizing Blabberize is being creative with your lesson planning … [Read more...]

Links to useful web2.0 tools

I have put together a long list of website links to web 2.0 tools and other software, which may be useful in the classroom. Most are free to use for anyone or by registering using your school email address. Check them out here or by clicking links at the top of each page. If you know of any other useful online tools or free software why not share it with others. Add a comment below of share ideas in the Edjudo forum. Over time more reviews of web2.0 tools and software will be added to … [Read more...]