The power of educational videos

An interesting video by Salman Khan who talks about how and why he created the Khan Academy. Salman Khan placed a few videos on YouTube showing how to work out math equations and pretty soon they grew really popular, not only for students but also teachers using his video demonstrations in their classrooms. The Khan Academy is now a popular, not for profit, carefully structured series of educational videos offering complete curricula in math and now also various other subjects. Salman Khan … [Read more...]

Jing “an easy screen capture tool”

Jing is a free, yet powerful screen capture application that is easy to use. If you have something on your screen that you want to save or share with others, Jing allows you to easily snap a screenshot of the image or record a video from your screen. You can then save and use the screen capture in any other application. It really is that easy. For users that want more powerful options Jing also allows you to easily add text, arrows or highlight sections of your screen capture. This is a great … [Read more...]