Edmodo Review “Social Networking for Schools”

Edmodo is regarded as a social networking site for teachers and students. It provides a free and secure social learning space for a class to connect and collaborate. Teachers and students can post messages, discuss topics, assign and grade class work, and share digital content such as links, pictures, videos, documents and presentations. The Edmodo website is actually very similar to the layout and functionality of Facebook , which immediately makes it familiar to most students. Accessible … [Read more...]

Twitter “a useful tool for teachers”

Twitter is a social media tool which allows anyone to communicate via a 140 character limit. Many people get turned away by the idea of communicating via such short messages. And I’m sure there are some people thinking “I don’t care to read about what someone just ate for lunch”. But for any non-twitter user who takes the time to read the rest of this review and for those people daring enough to set up an account, I promise you will be rewarded. It’s actually the 140 character limit which … [Read more...]

Schools Testing Robot Teachers

A school district in South Korea has begun trialling 29 robot English teachers in primary schools, AFP reports. The robots named Engkey (short for English Disc-Jockey) stand about 1 metre high, have a video display panel for a face and are wheeled around the classroom. They speak English to students, read them books and can sing and dance by moving their heads and arms. Developed by the Korea Institute of Science of Technology (KIST), the interesting thing about these robots is that they … [Read more...]