Twitter “a useful tool for teachers”

Twitter is a social media tool which allows anyone to communicate via a 140 character limit. Many people get turned away by the idea of communicating via such short messages. And I’m sure there are some people thinking “I don’t care to read about what someone just ate for lunch”. But for any non-twitter user who takes the time to read the rest of this review and for those people daring enough to set up an account, I promise you will be rewarded. It’s actually the 140 character limit which … [Read more...]

Website Challenges Visitors to Do Nothing

Like a zen meditation website for those people that can't pull themselves away from their screen. Do Nothing for 2 provided an image of a beautiful sunrise over the ocean. It also provides the sound of waves crashing to the shore. Created by Alex Tew and developed by Ben Dowling this website will restart the 2 minute countdown if you move your mouse or touch any key. So the only way to pass this challenging is to sit still and watch for 2 minutes. Or leave the computer and go … [Read more...]