Born to learn

This is an interesting video which reminds us that everyone is born to learn naturally from a child via problem solving, play, risk taking and exploration. It challenges teachers to rethink the fact that many students are sitting in a chair facing the teacher for the large part of their day. It also challenges the need for studying for the sake of tests, as this can often be detrimental to motivation and learning. The simple animation tries to explain the physiological changes to the brain at … [Read more...]

Lingro “The future of website translators”

Lingro is a unique website that helps language learners read foreign web pages, or documents and build their vocabulary at the same time. From within the Lingro website, you can enter the URL of any foreign webpage you would like to read. You can now amazingly click on any word on screen that you don’t understand and a bubble will pop up showing the word translated into your nominated language. Current languages include English, French, Spanish and German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, … [Read more...]