Road to Grammar Quizzes

Road to Grammar provides a great selection of free flash grammar quizzes and games for English language learners. Users are able to select a grammar category and they are presented with multiple choice grammar questions. Each quiz provides instant feedback by showing a animated green tick or a red cross for wrong answers. Users can also check grammar notes for help. Road to grammar also provides "extra practice" at phrasal verbs, words ending in ed, idioms and other English challenges. … [Read more...]

Grammar Ninja makes learning grammar fun

Grammar Ninja is an excellent educational game, created by Greg Lieberman, which requires students to identify grammar features within a sentence. Students become “the grammar ninja” and they must identify nouns, verbs and adjectives in a sentence, by throwing ninja stars at words. Correct answers allow you to continue, while wrong answers literally explode. It's addictive and great fun. Grammar ninja works really well on an Interactive Whiteboard especially when you turn on the sound. Such … [Read more...]

Proof reading game improves spelling and grammar

Proof It! is an excellent educational game to improve students proofreading skills. Proof It! shows one sentence at a time with one grammar or spelling mistake. Students first need to identify the mistake by clicking on it. Mistakes can include a misspelled word, an incorrect punctuation mark, an improperly used word, or a capital error used in the wrong place. If you select part of the sentence which is not a mistake then the word turns red and a short message appears saying “Sorry, … [Read more...]