Road to Grammar Quizzes

Road to Grammar provides a great selection of free flash grammar quizzes and games for English language learners. Users are able to select a grammar category and they are presented with multiple choice grammar questions. Each quiz provides instant feedback by showing a animated green tick or a red cross for wrong answers. Users can also check grammar notes for help. Road to grammar also provides "extra practice" at phrasal verbs, words ending in ed, idioms and other English challenges. … [Read more...]

Grouping food has never been this fun

Quintricious is a nice simple flash game that can be used as part of a lesson or unit on food grouping. Two characters are introduced Arianna and Marcus and students are asked to help them in their quest to eat foods from all five food groups to stay healthy. The game is divided into two parts: a non competitive food group match and then a race against the clock "tetris style" block game. The first part of the game asks students to identify which foods belong to each of the five major food … [Read more...]

Lingro “The future of website translators”

Lingro is a unique website that helps language learners read foreign web pages, or documents and build their vocabulary at the same time. From within the Lingro website, you can enter the URL of any foreign webpage you would like to read. You can now amazingly click on any word on screen that you don’t understand and a bubble will pop up showing the word translated into your nominated language. Current languages include English, French, Spanish and German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, … [Read more...]

Schools Testing Robot Teachers

A school district in South Korea has begun trialling 29 robot English teachers in primary schools, AFP reports. The robots named Engkey (short for English Disc-Jockey) stand about 1 metre high, have a video display panel for a face and are wheeled around the classroom. They speak English to students, read them books and can sing and dance by moving their heads and arms. Developed by the Korea Institute of Science of Technology (KIST), the interesting thing about these robots is that they … [Read more...]