In English Digital e-magazine

I want to share an excellent resource for English as a foreign language teachers produced by The British Council . Titled 'In English Digital' this e-magazine has been written by teachers and other ELT professionals. The e-magazine contains teacher interviews, reviews, games, practical ideas to enhance language lessons and reflects on changes in curriculum and education. The e-magazine is easy to navigate just click on the image below to open it. Then click on any part of the page to zoom in … [Read more...]

Blabberize “make images speak”

Blabberize allows you to quickly animate any image to make it talk, by simply adding audio and specifying the bottom lip or jaw section. Within minutes you have a talking photo and the novelty factor of this will never wear thin for students. They absolutely love Blabberize. Make a famous person speak, give an animal a voice, even add a mouth to an inanimate object like a hamburger and discuss its nutritional value. The key to utilizing Blabberize is being creative with your lesson planning … [Read more...]

Schools Testing Robot Teachers

A school district in South Korea has begun trialling 29 robot English teachers in primary schools, AFP reports. The robots named Engkey (short for English Disc-Jockey) stand about 1 metre high, have a video display panel for a face and are wheeled around the classroom. They speak English to students, read them books and can sing and dance by moving their heads and arms. Developed by the Korea Institute of Science of Technology (KIST), the interesting thing about these robots is that they … [Read more...]