Born to learn

This is an interesting video which reminds us that everyone is born to learn naturally from a child via problem solving, play, risk taking and exploration. It challenges teachers to rethink the fact that many students are sitting in a chair facing the teacher for the large part of their day. It also challenges the need for studying for the sake of tests, as this can often be detrimental to motivation and learning. The simple animation tries to explain the physiological changes to the brain at … [Read more...]

DoInk “create animations online”

If you really like cartoon flash animations but have no idea how to make your own, DoInk is a good place to start. This web 2.0 tool provides an easy to use online vector editor allowing users to express their creativity through animated drawings. DoInk is all about sharing so people can re-use the work of other users. This means you can develop your own animations quickly, even if you’re not a great artist. This web 2.0 tool allows users to share animations via a number of social media tools or … [Read more...]

Great animation about public speaking

This is a great animation for students by curriculumbits,  demonstrating the difference between good and bad public speaking. You can choose to listen to a male or female student give a speech in front of a class. The animated teacher jumps in from time to time giving advice on how the student's speaking can be improved. This is an excellent resource to show on an interactive whiteboard, before a class gives oral presentations. The animated teacher asks questions and pauses waiting for a … [Read more...]