It’s great when students show real interest in learning

I was teaching a class starting a new topic about puberty, sexuality and adolecence a few weeks ago and a student asked me if I had updated my teaching website to put new activities online. I let them know that I hadn’t put any new tasks online over the past week I then questioned whether the students wanted me to put activities online about the topic of sexuality or would they feel too embarrassed to study this topic at home online. A few students laughed and expressed that it was too … [Read more...]

Interactive resources about puberty, sex and the reproductive system

I thought I would share 4 great websites that makes learning about the topics of puberty, sexuality and the reproductive system fun and interactive. BBC Interactive Body This BBC interactive body website explains facts about the reproductive system when students click an area of the body. Students can explore the website at their own pace and short flash animations often accompany text. There is also a short animation explaining the menstrual cycle. Teens Health This site is well … [Read more...]