Proof reading game improves spelling and grammar

Proof It! is an excellent educational game to improve students proofreading skills.

Proof It! shows one sentence at a time with one grammar or spelling mistake. Students first need to identify the mistake by clicking on it. Mistakes can include a misspelled word, an incorrect punctuation mark, an improperly used word, or a capital error used in the wrong place.

If you select part of the sentence which is not a mistake then the word turns red and a short message appears saying “Sorry, that’s incorrect!”

If your error selection is correct, the word turns green and a text box appear at the bottom of the game window. Students then need fix the spelling or grammatical error by typing the correct version into the box and clicking submit. If you are correct, the next sentence will be displayed.

Students can work at their own pace correcting each sentence. However for people who like competition Proof It! also displays a timer and provides a score, which is calculated by the number of mistakes a student makes and the amount of time it takes to solve each problem.

Today’s best score is displayed at the top of each game and if anyone can score over 1000 points, they earn the title of Professional Proof-reader!

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