Lingro “The future of website translators”

LingroEdjudo Ratings for LingroLingro is a unique website that helps language learners read foreign web pages, or documents and build their vocabulary at the same time. From within the Lingro website, you can enter the URL of any foreign webpage you would like to read. You can now amazingly click on any word on screen that you don’t understand and a bubble will pop up showing the word translated into your nominated language. Current languages include English, French, Spanish and German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Russian, Dutch and Chinese.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. One of the most impressive features of Lingro is it remembers any words you click, and creates a study list for you. It also puts these words into an online flash card game. The game shows your clicked words in random order and you try to recall their meanings before flipping the card over. Register for a free account and Lingro will keep a history of all your wordlists for future revision.


• Lingro can be used like a traditional online dictionary
• The Lingro web viewer can turn a foreign website into an interactive webpage, where users can easily click on any word they choose and know the meaning.
• The File Viewer allows you to upload .txt, .doc, or .pdf documents and translate them in the same way.
• It currently translates between 12 languages
• Lingro remembers all words you click and makes a wordlist, which you can review later.
• It has an online flashcard game which allows users to review the words just learnt
• It includes audio allowing users to hear how translated words are pronounced
• Register for free and Lingro will save you wordlists for future revision

Lingro Homepage

This image shows the Lingro homepage. Enter another sites URL to make it interactive.

Ease of Use

Traditionally using other online translators to read a foreign website means you would have to flick back and forth between two browser screens trying to translate individual words. This is why Lingro is so unique and helpful. You can now read a foreign webpage and get instant pop up translations on the same screen, for the selected words you don’t know. Less momentum is lost for readers trying to understand a full sentence or paragraph. Lingro is ideal for second language learners who already have a decent vocabulary and need occasional help expanding it. Like most online translated you can also click the sound icon to hear how each word is pronounced.

The website is very easy to use and you don’t have to register or log in to start using its features. For first time users, large numbered icons direct you where to input another websites URL and to click the words you want translated. Users can later explore more features in the top right corner, mentioned above.

Lingro Wordlist

Lingro Wordlist

Lingro flashcards

Flashcards are made from your wordlist for easy revision


Lingro is 100% free to use and you can use most features without registering. If you want to sign up for a free account, your translated wordlists will be saved. This is a great way to revise in the future.

Overall Rating 4 and a half star

Lingro is a unique and effective eLearning tool. It can be used as an interactive tool in a second language classroom or as a study / translation tool for language learners. It is ideal for students who already have a reasonable amount of vocabulary and just need a few words translated conveniently, while reading a webpage or text.

It is hard not to give Lingro five stars. The only down side at this stage is that only 12 languages are supported. However the very talented developers of Lingro encourage anyone to add words via their dictionary builder. So hopefully with their efforts and help from the worldwide community, more languages will be supported in the future. Lingro claims to be “The coolest dictionary known to hombre!” And I fully support this claim.

Check out other useful tools for teacher via the Edjudo links page.

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