Learning to teach online via UNSW

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) has produced a number of excellent free online videos talking about technology in education, with a focus toward online learning. These short video help teachers gain a working understanding of successful online teaching pedagogies.

“No matter what type of technology you are interested in exploring, the project will inform you of successful pedagogical approaches for improving your online curriculum development; assessment; teaching practice; and evaluation skills. Those wishing to experience and learn about online teaching for the first time, as well as those aiming to improve their existing online teaching practice, will be able to access the full range of digital resources to support and guide them through the process.”

Episodes are available to anyone around the world for free through the online.cofa website, iTunes U and YouTube. Teachers are also encouraged to leave comments that will be used to improve future episodes, possibly get help and advice for their own online teaching initiatives, and connect and share ideas with other teachers around the world.

Some of the episodes include:

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  1. Many thanks for featuring our project in your blog!

    • Hi Simon. Thanks for producing such great, free, thought provoking videos. I’m only starting to experiment with including online learning into my lessons and the UNSW/COFA website is helping me reflect on what I’m doing and the direction I want to move toward. Keep up the good work.