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Edjudo's ratings for JingJing is a free, yet powerful screen capture application that is easy to use. If you have something on your screen that you want to save or share with others, Jing allows you to easily snap a screenshot of the image or record a video from your screen. You can then save and use the screen capture in any other application. It really is that easy.

For users that want more powerful options Jing also allows you to easily add text, arrows or highlight sections of your screen capture. This is a great feature for teachers wanting to add notes on top of images or text, for students. With a press of a button Jing can upload your image or video to a free screencast.com account. This is an easy way to share your screen capture, presentation or video tutorial with others. Jing really is a must have tool for all teachers.



• It comes in a free and a pro version (US$14.95 per year)
• Jing places a sun shaped icon at the top of your computer screen
• It allows you to capture anything on your screen by clicking the “sun” icon
• You can save any screen capture or video to your computer
• It allows you to upload any capture or video to screencast.com for free
• Each capture is given its own URL at screencast.com meaning you can then share your images or video with anyone
• Jing saves a history of your captures so you can locate and edit them in the future
• Videos can be up to 5 minutes long, which allows for short presentations or tutorials
• The pro version includes extra features, which can be seen in the table below.

Jing free vs pro

Ease of Use

It is Jing’s simple approach to capturing images and videos which makes it such a great tool. Once you have installed Jing a yellow “sun” icon sits at the top of your screen. At any time when you have something interesting on your screen, you can scroll over the sun icon and select the capture option. Now just define your capture field by dragging your mouse over your selected area. Presto!

Save your screen capture images or videos to your computer or upload them to screencast.com with the press of a button. This allows you to easily and instantly share your files with anyone through emails, forum postings, blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or via Flicker. Teachers can add arrows, text and highlight the screen shots for students. Jing also allows you to add your own narration to video recordings, which is great for creating video tutorials. The only negative I found is that the software does not always work 100% as intended when recording video from your screen.


Jing comes in a free and a professional version. Most people will be happy with the features of the free version and may not feel the need to upgrade. However for the small cost of US$14.95 per year, the pro version does have some pretty handy extra features. You can save videos as MPEG-4 files, which allows for easy editing in other programs like Adobe Premier Elements. The pro version also removes advertisements and the Jing logo from the end of video recordings. Another good feature of the pro version is easy uploads of your video tutorials to YouTube.

Overall Rating 5 star rating

Jing really is a must have screen capture tool for every teacher. It makes screen captures easy and convenient, with little more than a press of the mouse button. It allows you to share images, add your own notes or highlights and make video tutorials for students. The free version is all most users will require and the Jing logo added to the free videos is barely noticeable. For the small sum of $14.95 the pro version will suit tech minded teachers looking to do even more with their videos. I have never given any tool a 5 star rating so far, but Jing deserves it.

Watch a tutorial showing how to get started with Jing here

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