It’s great when students show real interest in learning

I was teaching a class starting a new topic about puberty, sexuality and adolecence a few weeks ago and a student asked me if I had updated my teaching website to put new activities online. I let them know that I hadn’t put any new tasks online over the past week

I then questioned whether the students wanted me to put activities online about the topic of sexuality or would they feel too embarrassed to study this topic at home online. A few students laughed and expressed that it was too embarrassing. But about half of the students were really keen to learn more about the topic and asked me to put homework tasks on the class website.

I therefore made an online multimedia quiz using Quiz Revolution and provided links to 3 websites where students could access more information. I made a simple questionnaire worksheet for the BBC interactive body website, just to help guide the students’ exploration.

Reflecting back on the lesson it’s clear that most young people want to know more about puberty, adolescence and the topic of sex. I also know that many of my students get bored at home and spend a lot of time on the internet. With time obviously I want to get more interactive and engaging tasks online for my students, but I also realise that an important part of my role as a health teacher is to guide students to websites where they can get appropriate facts and answers. Unfortunately inappropriate videos are only a few mouse clicks away for anyone and many students draw their own conclusions about sexuality from watching such material.

For other teachers looking for good interactive websites on the topics of puberty, sexuality and adolecence, I have posted links to four great websites in the resources section of this site.

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