Grammar Ninja makes learning grammar fun

Grammar Ninja is an excellent educational game, created by Greg Lieberman, which requires students to identify grammar features within a sentence. Students become “the grammar ninja” and they must identify nouns, verbs and adjectives in a sentence, by throwing ninja stars at words. Correct answers allow you to continue, while wrong answers literally explode. It’s addictive and great fun.

Grammar ninja incorrect answer
Grammar ninja works really well on an Interactive Whiteboard especially when you turn on the sound. Such a simple concept becomes such an enjoyable task, due to fun graphics and entertaining sound effects.

However the true power of grammar ninja as a teaching and learning tool rests in the Grammar Ninja Sentence Creator. Greg Lieberman has kindly included a link to download a zip file which allows you to customise the sentences in the Flash application. You can create your own sentences and then label the different grammar features within the sentence. Your students can then play the Grammar Ninja flash game with topic relevant sentences that you have created. You can even surprise your students by including their names in Grammar ninja sentences.

Innovative teachers can go one step further and teach students how to create their own sentences in Grammar ninja. This requires students to understand nouns, verbs, adjectives and articles and label them correctly. As an ESL teacher this application is invaluable not only because it’s a great teaching tool about grammar, but it’s so much fun to use.

Grammar Ninja Sentence Creator

A further amazing thing about Grammar Ninja is that it was created by Greg Lieberman as part of his High School Independent Study into Videogame Design. The fact that he has made such an original and effective learning tool, then made it available free for anyone to use, serves as an inspiration to us all.

Have you used Grammar Ninja or other fun games in your class? Why not share them with other teachers by leaving a comment below?

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  1. Nic w/o a k says:

    Amazing idea putting a very boring subject with an awesome character. Ninjas make anything fun, even slicing fruit. You can ask fruit ninja in the android market, he had many clones. Point is, everything is better with a ninja.