Grouping food has never been this fun

Food Jugle

Quintricious is a nice simple flash game that can be used as part of a lesson or unit on food grouping.

Two characters are introduced Arianna and Marcus and students are asked to help them in their quest to eat foods from all five food groups to stay healthy. The game is divided into two parts: a non competitive food group match and then a race against the clock “tetris style” block game.

The first part of the game asks students to identify which foods belong to each of the five major food groups. Students use an eye dropper to pick up different colours from test tubes. Each colour represents a food group e.g.  orange for grains, green for vegetables, red for the fruit group etc. Students need to identify the foods in each group by dropping the appropriate group colour onto each food type.

This game works well after a discussion of foods and their nutritional value has already occurred in class. For example, the game places peanut butter and fish in the meat group, due to fact that protein is derived from these food types. This may be confusing for students if this has not already been discussed. This first game is good as students can take as much time as they need to complete the task. If a mistake is made the colour will not work and a simple sound indicates that the wrong choice has been made.

Grouping Foods

The second part of this game is more competitive. Students can choose between slow, normal and fast speeds. Blocks of foods fall from the top of the screen and progress downward. Students need to place 3 foods from the same group on top of each other for the blocks to disappear. If the blocks pile up and reach the top of the screen then the game is over. To be honest this part of the game does not generate a lot of learning as any user will focus on matching the block colours more than the actual food type. But it’s still a fun activity for students who finish the first task early and are waiting for their classmates.

Quintricious game 2

Do you know of any other good educational games? Please share them by leaving a comment below.

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