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Doink Animation ReviewIf you really like cartoon flash animations but have no idea how to make your own, DoInk is a good place to start. This web 2.0 tool provides an easy to use online vector editor allowing users to express their creativity through animated drawings. DoInk is all about sharing so people can re-use the work of other users. This means you can develop your own animations quickly, even if you’re not a great artist. This web 2.0 tool allows users to share animations via a number of social media tools or you can also download them to use offline.

On the Shoulders of Giants by cshay01, made at


• simple & friendly vector editor
• create flash-style animations
• use community art & your own
• post to YouTube & Facebook
• download your art
• the forum offers support for users and users can discuss ideas
• free basic features or pay for additional animation features.

DoInk Toolbar

Ease of Use

Compared to learning how to use Adobe Flash, DoInk is very easy to use. The editing system is quite responsive with drag and drag functionality. You can select any item on your screen and manipulate its shape or colour. You can also add text and further stills with a click of the mouse. Creative people and those with time to spend manipulating shapes on the screen will love using DoInk. A great feature is that you can reuse already made images and animations by clicking on the DoInk Bazaar button. But be aware that some of these require money.


While signing up for an account is free for everyone, DoInk does charge for some features. Via the Bazaar button, users can purchase “DoInk coins” at the rate of $5, $10, $15 and $20. These coins allow users to purchase additional tools, images and animations to use. As a positive this feature stops a lot of annoying advertising from being on the website and it is not necessary to pay to enjoy the web 2.0 application.

DoInk Cat Prop

Overall rating Edjudo's 3 star rating

For anyone who wants to become an artist in the wonderful world of animation, this may be a good place to gain an audience. DoInk is easy to use and for people willing to spend a few hours on their work, you can create some really cool animations. Although users can spend money on Doink it is not necessary, allowing anyone to play with the features. However for any student serious about getting into animation I would recommend spending your time and money more wisely learning Adobe Flash.

Move those hips! by smadden, made at

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