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Edjudo ratings for Comic Master Comic Master is a free web application that allows you to easily create comics (graphic novels) online. Comic Master gives you a variety of options for page layouts, backgrounds, characters, props, captions and even some special effects. You simply scroll through the options, choose the one you want to use and simply drop it onto the comic page. It really is that easy.

Teachers could focus on literacy in the classroom discussing how to develop a good plot, introducing characters or discussing grammar points such as the use of onomatopoeia words like “crack” and “pow.” Once students have come up with their own written text, you could allow them to work on their comics online at home. Once they learn the basics, Comic Master can really get addictive, especially if students know their work will be presented to the class.

Comic Master Layout


  • Design your page layout by selecting from different size panels
  • There are 6 different themed backgrounds
  • characters (each in a variety of poses)
  • A variety of speech bubbles, thought bubbles and caption boxes
  • A variety of props to help customize your story
  • Drag and drop interactivity
  • Easy save, load and print features
  • An inbuilt music player, in case you need tunes while you work

Comic Master Features

Ease of Use

I have used a few other web 2.0 comic creators before however Comic Master is by far the easiest to navigate. The drag and drop feature works very well and there are buttons to undo, delete, move objects back and forward, add text and to zoom in and out. The only thing I found occasionally fiddly was trying to resize some object. You need to grab the corner of the object box and the trick is to use the zoom tool.

It takes about 5-10 minutes to figure out the applications functionality, but most people will be creating full colour comic pages in no time at all. For registered users you can save your work with the press of a button and print it out when you have finished. There is a step by step help tutorial for those needing extra assistance.

Comic Master Help


100% free to use.

Overall Rating 4 stars

While there are other comic creators like Bitsrips available, I find Comic Master very easy to use. Students will love playing around with Comic Master to bring their stories to life through graphics. The only down side is that there are limited characters (four) and props at this stage. Showing students what backgrounds, props and characters are available from the start might help them design their stories to suit the application. Hopefully more images will be added to this great application in the future.

Click here to download my finished comic about drink driving as a .pdf file

Watch a tutorial showing how to get started with Comic Master here

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