Changing Education Paradigms

This is a great thought provoking lecture by Sir Ken Robinson about the restructure of education around the world. He explains that the current education system adopted by most countries was structured during the industrial revolution. This is largely to blame for the fact that most schools are run like factory lines, following bells, separating facilities for each subject and grouping students in batches via age. Is this education system the optimal approach to learning or is it about conformity and easy control or students?

He highlights the fact that students today are being stimulated (many would argue overstimulated) with computers, iPhones, gaming machines, advertising and music constantly playing in their ears. They are receiving this stimulation from every angle except often in the classroom. It’s in the classroom where they are being asked to sit and listen, wait your turn and pay attention.

The problem is it not easy to change traditional methods that have been in place for so long. But then again life is all about change. Whether people like it or not, it is unlikely that the level of stimulation being received by the current generation of young people will be reduced in the future.

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