Explania – excellent animated explanations

I would like to share a great website with lots of potential to teachers, that I stumbled upon recently. It is called Explania.com and it has a growing range of excellent animated explanations, interactive tutorials and instructional videos. These animations are not only well made but are made free for anyone to use via a creative commons licence. Teachers can use them in class or even embed them within their websites, blogs or wikis. I applaud Instruxion the company  behind … [Read more...]

EmbedPlus “adds more controls to youtube embeds”

EmbedPlus is a unique free web application that adds extra controls to enhance playback of embedded YouTube videos. Some of the additional controls include setting chapters, zooming, slow motion playback and writing annotations. These additional features may be useful for teachers who want students to focus on relevant parts of a long YouTube video. Features Ÿ You can set the start and stop points for the YouTube clip Allows slow motion viewing of YouTube videos, this is great for … [Read more...]

Google search tips for teachers and students

With the growth explosion of the internet and social media, there is more information online than ever before. This excellent info-graphic created by HackCollege is a great visual guide on how to tweak Google searches to get better, more accurate search results. It is very well presented and looks great printed out in colour and stuck on a classroom wall. Created by: HackCollege … [Read more...]

Manga high “a games based math teaching resource”

Manga High is an enjoyable yet powerful maths teaching resource which offers more than 400 different math challenges, ranging from simple addition to more complicated equations. Challenges are specific exercises that teachers can assign to individual students or classes. Students must successfully complete these challenges before moving to a harder task. Students are introduced to new topics with examples, hints and worked solutions. A variety of categories including Financial Maths, Holiday … [Read more...]

A dynamic social media policy presentation

It’s great that employers are releasing social media policies, to encourage and guide employees to use these social media technologies responsibly. Most people find social media fun, exciting, new and cutting edge and that’s why they want to use it. However the problem with many policies is that they end up being informative, yet long and quite boring to read. So hats off to the Department of Justice, Victoria for presenting their social media policy in such an energetic and dynamic way. … [Read more...]

Ancient Egypt “Online resources”

Ancientegypt.co.uk is a great resource for any class studying Ancient Egypt. The website is designed by The British Museum and it is not only informative, but also visually spectacular to look at with excellent coloured pictures. There are 10 main sections: Egyptian Life Geography Gods and Goddesses Mummification Pharaoh PyramidsTemples Time Trades Writing However the website becomes interactive as students need to click within pictures to navigate around the … [Read more...]

4 Free Photos “free images for teachers and students”

I have previously written about websites I like to use to gather free images to use on blogs, wikis, on websites and in presentations. 4 Free Photos is another great website that offers free images, which students and teachers can use without having to worry about breaking copyright laws. The images are well organised under different categories and you can also search via keywords. They do ask that you provide a small link or reference to acknowledge the original creator of the … [Read more...]

Search cube “a unique 3D search engine”

Search Cube is a visual search engine that shows search results in the form of a 3D cube. Each side of the cube shows displays 16 different websites each as a small square. Scrolling over each square displays more details about the website on the side of the screen. You can rotate the square using the direction arrows on your keyboard to display more search results. Clicking on any square then takes you to the website. This unique search engine looks impressive on an interactive whiteboard or … [Read more...]

The Rasterbator “create impressive posters for free”

The Rasterbator is a great free website that uses a unique algorithm to resize images, divides them into .pdf pages, which you can then print and arrange into impressive posters. How impressive I hear you ask? Your uploaded high resolution image can be printed on A3 or A4 paper and then arranged to make colour or black and white posters up to 20 meters in size. The Rasterbator is easy to use and is a great way to decorate a classroom with your class photos or artworks. So how … [Read more...]

Road to Grammar Quizzes

Road to Grammar provides a great selection of free flash grammar quizzes and games for English language learners. Users are able to select a grammar category and they are presented with multiple choice grammar questions. Each quiz provides instant feedback by showing a animated green tick or a red cross for wrong answers. Users can also check grammar notes for help. Road to grammar also provides "extra practice" at phrasal verbs, words ending in ed, idioms and other English challenges. … [Read more...]