Google search tips for teachers and students

With the growth explosion of the internet and social media, there is more information online than ever before. This excellent info-graphic created by HackCollege is a great visual guide on how to tweak Google searches to get better, more accurate search results. It is very well presented and looks great printed out in colour and stuck on a classroom wall. Created by: HackCollege … [Read more...]

Use the internet for your next school fund raising project

Every student, parent and school needs to raise money from time to time for creative projects, excursions and even environmental or community schemes. Often the usual ideas of selling lollies or chocolate, having a fate or mufti day or even a car wash gets thrown around. But for your next fund raising event, why not harness the power of technology and social media to generate support for your project. Many people are happy to donate a small amount of money to assist a good cause and pretty … [Read more...]

Why every teacher should understand RSS Feeds

Imagine walking to the library every week and searching through hundreds of magazines and books to find a few good articles worth reading. Then suddenly one day the friendly librarian says, “To save you the walk, I will find relevant articles for you and I will email them to you each week.” Would anybody knock back this offer? Think of RSS feeds as that friendly librarian. Why spend hours searching the internet for good information, when you can have excellent information delivered free to … [Read more...]

Twitter “a useful tool for teachers”

Twitter is a social media tool which allows anyone to communicate via a 140 character limit. Many people get turned away by the idea of communicating via such short messages. And I’m sure there are some people thinking “I don’t care to read about what someone just ate for lunch”. But for any non-twitter user who takes the time to read the rest of this review and for those people daring enough to set up an account, I promise you will be rewarded. It’s actually the 140 character limit which … [Read more...]

Dropbox “syncs your files online”

Dropbox is a free and easy to use application and website, which allows you to sync your files from your computer or phone to “the cloud” and therefore access them from anywhere. However it is more than a simple back-up solution, with Dropbox you can share folders, collaborate on files or even set up online photo galleries. For a teacher Dropbox means you never have to stress about leaving work at home or losing your thumb drive ever again. Features The beauty of Dropbox is that you don’t … [Read more...]

Wordle “create word clouds”

Wordle is an amazingly easy to use web 2.0 website, which allows anyone to generate really creative word clouds by providing text. Words that are used more frequently, or specified as important, are made larger and stand out. The words clouds can then be customised with a variety of font styles, colours and layouts. The beauty of Wordle is that there is no sign up or log-in required and once completed you are free to use your word cloud in any way that you like. Use it in the classroom, put it … [Read more...]