10 Fast Fingers Typing Speedtest

As the name suggests, 10 Fast Fingers Typing Speedtest is a fast pace yet simple typing program which records your typing skills. The website counts down from 60 seconds and displays about 15 words at a time. As you complete each word, a new one appears at the end of the list. This allows good typists to scan the words ahead.

Typing Speed Test

A great feature of this typing test is that the random words are chosen from the most common words in the English language. Unless you don’t need practice typing in English. No problem, this websites also allows you to choose from over 40 different languages to practice your typing speed.

Choose your language

At the end of the 60 second the program shows your typing results. The summary tells you roughly how many characters and words per minute you can type. It also shows you a word count of errors and it compares your typing speed to other users worldwide. With a press of a button you can also share your typing results with others via your blog, website, Facebook or Twitter.

Many students will like the competitive nature of this typing program and your typing skills will definitely improve with more practice.

Typing results

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